Julian Abrams & Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

‘Formae Lumine’ is a collaboration between sculptor and photographer born from a shared interest in light and form. Having seen Thompson’s work online, Abrams proposed the collaboration due to the desire to work with reduced abstract forms and a simplified tonal palette.

Thompson’s work – in stone, bronze, resin and ceramics – is the result of an ongoing exploration of form and mark, abstract in the purest sense. Her work has a self-contained vitality, an energy accumulated in time, a vibrant and yet calm inner life, that goes beyond the object it represents.

Abrams’ primary desire was to reduce three dimensions to two and to add visual tension to this vitality via the juxtaposition of multiple sculptural forms and the contained pictures edge. Lighting the pieces with only a hand held torch and re-constructing them in post-production he aims to highlight elements of both accidental mark and shared intuition.

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